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Our qualified Arborists offer a comprehensive assessment which starts with a free site quote. We provide consultation in a variety of situations including tree removal, long term upkeep, evaluation for resource consent and other legal matters.

The customer is our prime consideration when planning and introducing new systems and services, and we consult whenever possible to better understand their needs. We strive to improve the quality of the services that we provide, and aim to meet our customer’s needs and expectations. Good customer service is an integral part of these services.

Dangerous Tree Take Down & Removal

How to take down a Dangerous Tree. Follow along with the pros while a tree in peril is carefully felled before storms can send it tumbling.


An important part of maintaining the health and shape of trees and shrubs is regular skilled maintenance. Well maintained trees provide numerous benefits such as increased aesthetic appeal, helping give an area structure and providing protection from the sun.

Stump Grinding

Large tree stumps can be a difficult problem to solve especially if they are taking up room you would like to use, we have a variety of grinders and trained specialist who can quickly and safely deal with stumps both small and large.

If we are unable to grind the stump due to the location being unsafe to use the machinery, we use alternative environmentally safe methods to speed up the breakdown and degradation of the stump.

Fence Clearing

Land clearance of large areas is a major task, to tackle this our crews are trained in all the jobs required to clear large areas of trees, bush and scrub to make the site ready for you to use. Jobs our crews perform include tree removal and relocation, stump grinding, replanting and green waste removal.

Tree removal

Our crews are also specialists in transplanting, removing the selected tree and then replanting it in a new site without damaging the trees health or aesthetic appearance.

After removal all debris and organic material is efficiently removed and recycled, we leave the site clean and tidy ready to be used again.

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